We decided against a PowerPoint.

1 Define

Every successful project starts with a solid plan. We take the time to understand our clients, identify their objectives and turn them into effective strategies.

2 Design

Next we create concepts in the form of sketches, wireframes and prototypes and translate these composites into compelling high fidelity visuals.

3 Develop

This is where we put it all together. A lot goes into bringing a concept to life. We continually proof and test while building to assure the integrity of the project.

4 Deploy

From launching a website to delivering a catalog, we don’t just hand over a project. Our process results in partnerships that continue to grow success.


To know us is to love us.

  • Rick Streng

    The Man with the Vision

  • Peter Schwartz

    The Sultan of Spin

  • Steve Clevenger

    The Cat with 47 Hats

  • Steven Duffner

    Director of Marketing/Strategy

  • Will Sosa

    Director of Pixel Pushing

  • Stacia Ellermeier

    Sup-Ah Fly Print Girl

  • Brian Cash

    Digital Jedi

  • Anna Bartosz

    Miss Jay Pegg

  • Pat Caraos

    Knight of Concepts & Mayhem

  • Kristy Simon

    Lead Human Communications Strategist (Guru of All Things Administrative)

  • Jill Schwartz

    Jill of all Skills

  • Robin Streng

    Mother Goose

  • Sky

    Streng Mascot


Our roots.

Rick Streng had an idea. Actually, he had a job he was ready to leave and a certainty that he could do it better on his own. Thus Streng Design & Advertising was created in Rick’s basement, one pencil stroke at a time, with a drawing board, a lamp and a bottle of rubber cement. With Robin Streng on board as bookkeeper and chief pencil-sharpener, they were off and running. Thirty years later, the rubber cement, triangle and drafting board have all been replaced by computers, but Rick is still wearing his pencils down to the eraser. Streng Design’s staff of designers, web developers and miscellaneous visionaries deliver creative solutions and outstanding customer service that have kept our clients coming back for decades, some since day one. Most of our employees are long-term relationships as well. Apparently once you meet us, you never want to go away.

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