Staying Connected with Social Media

When we launched our website a few weeks back, we wanted to take the opportunity to get more social, you know, connect with people. We're creative and we love what we do, but sometimes we bury ourselves in work and don't share all the fun we're having. That is why we decided to make social media a much stronger focus moving forward.

Our philosophy is simple, be real. We're not a stodgy corporate business, we're a design firm. We don't use social media to simply share tech data or push our opinions out, we want to engage you, make you part of our team. We treat social media like a conversation, as if you were here sitting across the table from us, just hanging out.

We're currently using several social media services to push different types of content and plan to increase our footprint by moving to even more platforms as time goes on.

So where can you find Streng?

Streng Design

Streng Design

Streng Design has been plugging away at this stuff for three decades. Mash our team together and that’s over a century of aggregate experience. We have a few things to say that we think are worth sharing.

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