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2015 Communicator Awards - Silver Award of Distinction

We’re honored to have been a recipient of The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) 2015 Communicator Award Silver Award of Distinction for the hard work that we put into designing & developing the Big Apple Bagels website.

The Communicator Awards is the leading international creative awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals. Founded by communication professionals over a decade ago, The Communicator Awards is an annual competition honoring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and identity work for print, video, interactive and audio.

About the Project

Big Apple Bagels is a national franchisor headquartered in northern Illinois. They’ve been serving up all sorts of bagel deliciousness for over 20 years, and they were in desperate need of a new website. That’s where we came in. In addition to refining and enhancing their brand, we embarked on building a custom, responsive web solution that fit their needs and clearly represented their brand on the web.

The first step to designing and developing a successful website is to understand the client, the goals of the project, and the end user. We exercised a complete research & discovery phase to help ourselves achieve that understanding. Thanks to our web team’s extensive work developing a sitemap and wireframe, we put ourselves in a good spot to begin. We finalized some strategic planning, and dove into the visual direction of the site by working on style tiles.

Big Apple Bagels site map Big Apple Bagels Locations wireframe

We began by collecting tons of relevant images, typefaces, and design samples that we felt fit stylistically and would speak to a Big Apple Bagel customer. This helped us to create style tiles that would serve as the stepping stone to developing a beautiful & smart website that would perfectly fit the Big Apple Bagels brand.

Big Apple Bagels style tiles

Our type choices were based on a few beautiful and fun menu designs that we had found. We wanted to convey fun, tasteful, and traditional—we chose a clean yet contemporary typeface in Avenir for headlines, and a strong traditional serif type in Adobe Caslon Pro for the body, and Wiesbaden Swing for accent type.

Big Apple Bagels typography

Of course, adding color helps push the design even further. Red would be a key color for Big Apple Bagels. We selected additional colors that worked well with the Big Apple Bagels red to round out the color pallette.

Big Apple Bagels color

In the end, we generated an arsenal of visual elements that help tell the Big Apple Bagels story as well as move forward with the growth of their business. An icon style was designed to continue the message.

Big Apple Bagels icons

Responsive Web Design - designing and developing websites for an optimal viewing experience on screens of any size - is an approach that we employ on all of our websites, and this one was no different. Because the layout and content shifts around on various screen sizes, planning the information hierarchy helped to define the flow of content per page so the most relevant information is easily accessible to users, regardless of the device they are browsing on.

Big Apple Bagels nutrition page

The previous iteration of Big Apple Bagels’ website was static HTML, which limited their ability to manage the content. The new website was built on Umbraco - our go-to CMS - so administrators can now easily maintain the menu, locations, blog, contests, and all other text, images, downloads, and forms throughout the website.

Big Apple Bagels homepage

Stay tuned for a full case study on this project, with additional details on process, design & launch.


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